**Note: The purchase of this concept comes with the Shaded Logo Mark, Minimal Logo Mark, and Typeface. If you would like more information on purchasing, please send an email titled: Wolves Logo with your message to mattjohndoyle16@gmail.com
With an abundance of wolf logo's always portraying the front view of the animal, I found it very rare to stumble upon a simplified version of the fierce animal. With this in mind, I developed a very promising concept that can be applied in any situation, uniforms, print, apparel, etc. I hope you enjoy!
Primary & Alternate Logo Mark
This logo is designed to convey the aggresive and fast nature of a wolf ready to attack. Will strike fear into all enemies eyes. The sharp lines enforce the aggresive nature of the animal. Mark can be used well in all pratical uses as well as on equipment.
Many always ask how I conjure my designs, as well as, which steps I take in the process of creating logos. Here is a quick step-by-step video outlining the stages of my logo design.
The typeface is inspired to further show the aggressive nature of a wolf through the sharp cuts in the type. While still maintaining the feel of a sporting team with the use of a serif font.
The colour scheme is meant to portray the ruggesness and bold nature of a wolf and their coats.
Now that you have seen the concepts, elements, and process of the work, it's now time to showcase the logo on some of the typical applications it would be accustomed to if it were used by a sporting team, helmets, apparel, etc.
Note: This design is for sale, if interested please email mattyddesigns@gmail.com for further details.
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